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About Us

Event planning isn't always easy. There's so much to consider between guest lists, food, venue, decor, invites, etc. But no worries, that's why Livvy Marie Luxury Events exists! We strive to make the planning process easier and take on all the stressors, so you don't have to! 

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Olivia Porter
Owner and Certified Wedding & Event Planner 

I fell in love with wedding & event planning in middle school, when my love for books coincided with my passion for weddings. From that one perfect book came a whole new avenue of wedding planning that I never knew existed. Not only could people be in weddings, they could PLAN them. Talk about a fairytale come to life!

Since then, my business ideas have only grown, and it has been my dream to help couples create their perfect wedding day and others throw the perfect celebrations for any occasion. I aspire to put my creative skills and wedding planning certification to good use, helping everyone achieve their dream wedding and events.  


My credentials include a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Event Management in 2016 from the University of Central Florida. I also obtained a certification in wedding planning through UCF and Lovegevity Wedding Planning Institute in 2020. 

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